Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Killing a Tree for Christmas


Happy that I’m not the only one who feels this is an issue!

Lisa Gaumond

Can it really be Monday?  It feels like Thanksgiving was weeks ago.  The day goes by so fast in a fury of food and dirty dishes, and then I’m all in a hurry to push Thanksgiving aside and put up the Christmas decorations, that it almost feels like I missed Thanksgiving.  But I didn’t. We had a nice dinner with my sister and her boys (“boys” includes her husband and my two nephews).  My parents even stopped by with my aunt and uncle on the way home from their Thanksgiving dinner at the casino.  It was a nice day.  I even roasted a turkey for the first time.  Now don’t get me wrong, we used to host the annual family Thanksgiving every year, which consisted of about 20-25 guests, we even cooked two turkeys most years, but Luke always deep fried them.  I’ve never gotten to cook one in the…

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