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Facebook Crashed my Relationship


While my last post mainly focused on new social norms in relationships, this post is more focused on how social media affects romantic relationships. We have all had an experience where there was a post or some picture of our recent love interest that brought up some jealous feelings. It effects relationships in all stages, budding and long term. We can’t fight the feelings that arise, and social media can just throw it in our face.

With an entire page on Facebook dedicated to “How many relationships a year are ruined” by the social site, it raked in over a 100,000 “likes” from disgruntled lovers. This along with many other shocking truths about Facebook and romantic relationships can be found in Katherine Bindley’s Huffington Post article “Facebook Relationship Problems” I found the article to be quite informative for people who are looking for honest and rational ways to evaluate unsettling online incidents regarding a lover.

What is it about Facebook that breeds so much jealousy? An article by Veronica Wells in Discovery news offers on suggestion, it’s too easy to re-connect with ex-lovers. Another product of cyber jealously is that social media sites tend to over inform us on what’s going on in our partner’s lives. Everything online is open to our own person interpretation, and with no tone or body language to translate, it’s easy to get carried away in our insecurities.  As Wells so perfectly describes, “If you think your girlfriend hasn’t seen something on your Facebook profile, you’re wrong. Not only has she seen it, she’s already become enraged, discussed it with her girlfriends and is waiting to confront you about it.”  Her closing argument is one that is all too true, if you’re a jealous person naturally social media, which is proven to increase that emotion is something to be used with a certain digression. So the real question is are we just jealous or is there something about having our partner’s exes live on forever on your news feed that is driving us over the top? The real solution lies in good old fashion communication. No matter of online communication can compensate for two people getting to know each other, or reconciling their differences.


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