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Semester Comes to an End


As I bagan this class in social media I cant’ say I knew exaxctly what I was in for. I can say that I did learn a lot. I learn more about society as a whole than I think I did social sites. Truly I enjoyed this class. I enjoyed the oprotunity it gave me to be more tech savy, which I know all college students need to be. I was also able to figure out quiet a few things about myself in this class. I had time t explore my views on controversial topics and converse with my peers broading my ideas.

Blogging for this class was a great pleasure for me and as a writer I plan to keep my blog up after the class is finished. This public style of writing inspired me to write better, and research harder because my opininions would be online for the world to see. I admit that I have a lot of strong opinions and I’m proud of that. I’m happy to see so many people on the web are blogging for the same reason.

With so many current issues at hand, I was most involved with social media and civil disobedience this year. I have always seen social media as a negative thing, unless you were a business. The way social media has been used to organize opressed people wanting to stand up for something aloowed me to se the benefits.
Moving away from the idea of using social media sites to blogg and post about the news I also really enjoyed the podcase segment of this semester. As a child I always dreamed of being on the radio until I realized, it was no longer the old time music and talk shows my grandmother had known and played to me. Podcasts seem to allow you to once again make touch with that old style radio show. Although my first podcast is all about social media and relationships I would love to continue boradcasting and creat something really unique where I can interview my peers, local professionals and have segments dedicated to skits and stories.

At the end of the page you will see my podcast that talks all about social media and relationships.