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Bloggers Be Heard!


megaphone         With so many voices out there on the web it’s difficult to discover a way for yours to be heard. Promoting your blog is important because it is your message, and almost a piece of yourself that you put online in order to network and grow. Unfortunately if no one is being pushed to your blog, you site and ideas will be limited in growth. Facebook literally has a billion followers that are a billion people you could possibly interact with and learn from. The only issue with Facebook is people tend to feel over exposed which gave plenty of room for new social sites to form. So the question is now where do bloggers go to promote their sites?

On the site Sgrouples, blogger Nick posted an article giving tips about the new social media sites that were up and coming, and what features they possessed to make them different. The site Sgrouples itself is a new social media site, one with many features I admired after Nick brought them to my attention. Sgrouples is based around the idea that you don’t want to share all content with everyone on the site. This is something very pertinent to my life in that I can select whether content is viewed by friends or family, making my posts more secure.  I also really liked another site Nick brought to my attention,  Nextdoor. This is a site that could really be useful in business because it promotes people who utilize social media as a precursor to actually getting out and doing something. Especially if you run a small business, because Nextdoor provides a small localized community of followers.

There are other various ways other than social media integration to promote your blog. In an article on About.com Susan Gunelius, talks about how writing “well, and often” is one of the best things you can do in order to promote your blog. This is very important because we all know how fast technology forces our lives to move. In order for people to feel interested they must realize you are credible and knowledgeable about current events. Gunelius also discusses the importance of search engine optimization and linking your blog with other sites. This article also urges bloggers to realize the value of comments and that generating conversation, generates followers.

After much consideration I decided to approach some of the various methods I learned to promote my own blog. The article by Susan Gunelius made me revisit my business page and go through thanking all my followers for their “likes” and comments. This was a way for me to let users know I see them as a significant individual and their views and opinions are important to me. When I decided to incorporate a new social media site I didn’t end up choosing one that was discussed by blogger Nick. I used the site Booksie to link with my blog. This is a site that show cases my personal writing and I felt it was important because my blog is very political and fact based and I want to give my followers a chance to look deeper into my life. Due to the nature of my blog I felt this was the best avenue for promotion, in that I am attempting to promote myself and not a business. So when looking to do your own promotion you always need to consider your audience and what you are trying to achieve.


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