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Privacy in the Work Place


         All businesses know in today’s day and age you need to constantly be promoting yourself. Social Media is a terrific platform to inform your customers on new deals and products, it also allows you to access a global network opposed to placing an ad in your local paper. You can now communicate with employees in a less formal way that hopefully drives them to be more active in the site and the company. As this vast incorporation continues, people seemed to forget important questions that needed to be asked. How is my employer protecting my privacy?

            In a study conducted by AVG technologies, titled Digital Work Life they discover the 53 per cent of adults today believe their privacy has been compromised in the work place. The study continues to show that 11 per cent have had an embarrassing work photo or experience shared, unwontedly, on social media sites (AVG Technologies, 2013). It seems that employers and employees alike jumped into social media before considering there may be negative results. Unfortunately many people in the work place today (where these new social media incorporations are happening), are people who are somewhat inept to social networking.  Business need to take that extra step to ensure employees understand the purpose of the site, and the distinction from a company site or intranet opposed to their personal lives.

            As an employee, the next step would be to make sure that separation between business and personal networks is the goal of your employer. As I stated its obvious all successful business have a social media presence but it’s your responsibility as an employee to know what your rights are and what actions your employer is asking you to take regarding these sites. In an article published by Jackson Lewis a workplace resource center, they discuss how laws have been passed in Washington state with others to follow. Employers are no longer allowed to ask for the login in information of employees or applicants. They are also no longer allowed to request an employee login in front of them in order to view their site. Employer are not allowed to ask an employee to request a “friend” or a business on their personal network, (Jackson Lewis, 2013). This is a huge advance for privacy in the work place. The state of Washington realized it’s workers face breeches of their privacy and made a move to protect them. My question is with the usual states following suit like California and Colorado, why is New York always so far behind? What are employers gaining from retrieving login in information from employees and applicants, where does that data go? How long will it take for New York to catch up?


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